KC Ready 4s’ origin

is rooted in the social justice organizing process that ISAAC uses to identify and address significant issues in our community. ISAAC – Interfaith Strategy for Advocacy and Action in the Community – is an interfaith organizing network of about 30 congregations and organizations working together to build a more just community.


The Need is Identified by the Community 

In early 2008, trained ISAAC volunteers listened to hundreds of people.  Those people most frequently mentioned six issues.  One issue was concern for the well-being of our youngest children and their support, safety, and preparation for life. Then, in May 2008, several hundred members from ISAAC congregations and community partners assembled at the Issues Convention to pick 3 from the 6 issues for ISAAC to address over the next year.

Early Childhood was a top vote getter at the Issues Convention!  The goal statement was to improve the early childhood experience of all of our county’s children in order to improve school readiness and success, prevent involvement in the judicial system, and enhance the quality of our work force and economic competitiveness of Kalamazoo County.

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