Our Supporters

Thank You, Donors & Volunteers

As of August 13, 2021

Support for Kalamazoo County Ready 4s has been received from:

Cynthia Alves
Amazon Smile Foundation
Amerifirst Home Mortgage
Arcturus Fund
Therese Armstead
Anita Armstrong
Joe and Irene Atkinson
Sarah Baldiga, in honor of Kristyn Buhl-Lepisto
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Tim Bartik and Deb Wickman
Kristina Bazali
Carol and Tom Beech
Ivy Bell
Dean and Kathryn Bergy
Martha Betke
Maggie Blair
Priscilla J. Blair
Robert and Sandra Borsos
Steve Bosch
Niyja Bouie
Ann and Robert Brown
Janice Brown and Ed Birch
Janet Bremer
John Buczek
Karen and Robert Buhl Jr.
Kristyn Buhl-Lepisto and Douglas Lepisto
Elizabeth Bullmer
Betty Bultman
Nicole Burchette
Burton H. and Elizabeth S. Upjohn Charitable Trust
Joshua Bush
Bob and Mary Butler
Brian Calvey
Paul and Debbie Carlson
Michael and Julie Cartier
Victoria Cawby
Dave and Kathy Christ
Consumers Energy Foundation
Dana Cook
James D. and Lynne F. Cowart, in honor of Sandy Standish
Jamie Cree
Joanna and Scott Dales
Robert and Barbara Davis
De Groot Family Foundation
Abigail Dean
Richard and Kathy Dirrenberger
Kaitlyn Disher
Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation
Randy and Diane Eberts
Sue Edwards
Susan and Fred Einspahr
Michelle and Peter Eldridge
Jamie Eves
Alain and Michele Fabi
Colleen Fahling
Greg and Ann Feldmeier
Ann and Gary Fergemann
First National Bank of Michigan
Sara Foster
Frederick O. and Marisa Brown Fund
Amanda Freed
Emily Freed
Zachary Freed
Ron and Gail Fuller
Lia Gaggino and Rodger Parzyck
Gail and Tom Kasdorf Fund
The Gary Sisters Foundation
Alexis, Jeff and Avery Geromin
Getman Corporation
Susan Gilmore
Janet and Don Gladstone
Glen C. and Gail G. Smith Fund
Andrea Goodin
Greenleaf Trust
Gretchen LaReau Memorial Fund
Mary Gustas
Rochelle Habeck and H. Allan Hunt
Carol Hamet in memory of Bob Hamet
Monie Hardwick
Harold and Grace Upjohn Foundation

Dr. Denise Hartsough
Havirmill Foundation
Mary Hentschl-Early
Brad Hershbein
Jim Hilboldt
Dan Hinkle
Al Hoffman
Dave and Linda Holzwarth
Jeanne Howey
DeeDee and Tom Hoy
Humphrey Products
Imperial Beverage
Irving S. Gilmore Foundation
Barbara and Jerry James
Jane and John Todd III Fund
James and Winifred Stewart Donor Advised Fund
Melody Janetzke
Jaqua Realtors, in honor of Sandy Standish
John E. Fetzer Institute Fund
Si and Shirley Johnson, in honor of Sandy Standish
Judy Jolliffe
Junior League of Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Kalamazoo County Ready 4s Board of Directors, in honor of Sandy Standish
Kalamazoo HR Management Association
The Kalamazoo Promise
Kalsec, Inc.
Kendall and Susan Warren Fund
Rebeccah Kesterson
Peggy Louise Kingsley
Janet Deal Koestner
Cindy and Kevin Kole
Erin Kole
Rob and Jean Kropf
Deb Lang
Allan and Rita LaReau
Scott Lemons
Brenda and Larry Lepisto
Carol Lesiow
Julie Lewis
Angela Loertscher
Rachel Lonberg
Rhonda Louise
Alexandra Ludlow
Joe Ludy
Larry and Linda Lueth
Jamie Marshall
The Marvin and Rosalie Okun Foundation
Linda Massura
David A. Maurer
Bill Mayer and Annie Fainsinger
Shannon McBride
Kevin and Denise McCarthy
Ed and Nancy McCarty
Amberly McCormack
Stacey McIver
Marsha Meeker
Amy and James Melvin
Kimberly Melvin
Metro Toyota
Michelle Miller-Adams
The Miller-Davis Foundation
Cyndi Minear
Mirthwood Fund
Craig and Diane Misner
Molitor Family Foundation
Monroe-Brown Foundation
Adam Muncy
Rick and Donna Neevel
Regena and Eric Nelson
Sydney Nordquist
Scott and Janet Nykaza
Dallas and Kyle Oberlee
Sarah Olszowy
Joel and Florence Orosz
Sofia Ovalle

P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter CN
Shaunna Padgett
Donald and Ann Parfet
Parker Hannifin Foundation
Marcy L. Peake
Dale and Kathy Peerbolte
People’s Church of Kalamazoo
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Carrie Pickett-Erway and Steve Erway
PNC Financial Services Group
PNC Foundation
Christopher Praedel
Jim and Judy Praeger
Preston S. and Barbara J. Parish Foundation
Ashley Rach
Sabrina Radenovic
Darcy Ranfeld
Seth Ream
Kathy Reenders
Paul Rehkopf
Bill and Nancy Richardson
Sue and Steve Rodia
Kate Rogers
Shannon Ross
Rotary Club of Portage
Sally Appleyard Trust
Samuel J. Colef and Mary E. Colef Memorial Fund
Frank Sardone and Susan Fall
Schupan & Sons, Inc.
Ali and Chris Schwartz
Senior Services RSVP – Helping Hands, Happy People Project
Namita Sharma and Rex Brueggemann, in honor of Dr. Sandy Standish
Si and Shirley Johnson Family Fund
Ruby Sledge
Debra and Douglas Stafinski
Dave and Sandy Standish
Diane Stanke
Cindy Stewart and Rick Welch
Stryker Johnston Foundation
Kendall and Susan Warren Fund
Doreen and Ed Thomas
Mary and Thomas Tift
George Todd
Tyler Little Family Foundation, in honor of Shirley Johnson
Larry and Marti Ulmer
United Way of the Battle Creek & Kalamazoo Region
Amy Upjohn and Brad VandenBerg
Elizabeth Upjohn Mason
Randy and Deborah Van Antwerp
Jon and Courtenay VanderMolen in honor of Shirley Johnson
A. Roger Vanderschie
VanderVeen Family
Bill and Carrie Venema
Shannon Vrobel
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
W.S. and Lois VanDalson Foundation
Bob Wallis and Beth Gregory Wallis
Jenny Warning
Amy Warren
Ineke Way in honor of Christine Flagler & James Ishida
Alexandra Weavers
Lynn Weimeister in honor of Don Gilmer
Josh and Pam Weiner
Mark and Karen Weishaar
Welsh & Associates
Jon and Patti Werme
John and Mary Whyte
Carolyn H. Williams
Women Who Care
Thomas Wrench
Laura Ynclan
Diane Zellers
Rhiannon Zielinski