Annual Sandy Standish Excellent Educator Award

Sandy Standish Excellent Educator Award

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, the First Annual Sandy Standish Excellent Educator Award was presented in October 2020.

Sandy Standish Excellent Educator Award

The 10th Anniversary Committee and the KC Ready 4s Board wanted a vehicle to recognize Sandy for her outstanding devotion, dedication and long range perspective as she laid the groundwork and developed this unique initiative. Her distinguished lifetime experience in the field of education brought with it a recognition of the critical needs of program directors, teachers, students and families. This led her to create a highly collaborative system that included valuable whole child development resources such as: teacher mentors, speech and language evaluations, curriculum enhancements, whole child development assessment tools, etc.. Sandy Standish’s knowledge, experience and leadership style set an extremely important foundation to elevate pre-K education excellence throughout the county! This award was also created to recognize and emphasis the tremendous value excellent educators (like Sandy) bring to our entire community.
-Shirley Johnson, 10th Anniversary Committee Co-Chair

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Past Recipients

2020: Laurie Kreg, PCCN Preschool