3 Year Olds



During the 2018-19 school year KC Ready 4s piloted a 3-year-old program with a small number of preschool programs, for families that don’t qualify for Head Start, but are between 101-150% of the federal poverty level.

The pilot program was a success, and we are thrilled to continue providing tuition assistance for a limited number of children. Please see below for eligibility and requirements.

Head Start

Head Start is federally-funded pre-k for 3- and 4-year-olds, offering free tuition for families at or below 100% of poverty. Classrooms are located in public schools and other community sites.

Certain risk factors may give a family priority for Head Start, such as whether a child is in foster care, the family receives SSI, or is homeless. In these situations, income is not used to determine eligibility.

Head Start assigns schools based on a family’s location.

Kalamazoo County Ready 4s

Kalamazoo County Ready 4s works with private pre-k programs for 3-year-olds, offering support to eligible families who do not qualify for Head Start, living between 100-150% of the federal poverty level. Classrooms are located in childcare centers, public and private schools, and licensed home daycare programs.

Full day tuition assistance is provided for 6.5 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 33 weeks.  Tuition assistance through KC Ready 4s for the 3-year-old program is limited and is not guaranteed because we are dependent upon available funding awarded through grants and local donors. Children must be 3-years-old on or before December 1 of the current school year.

To Access Tuition Assistance

  • Children must attend the program 6.5 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Families must reside in Kalamazoo County.
  • Once approved, families must meet with the Family & Community Liaison before tuition assistance is released.
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