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2020-2021 Experiential Report

Welcome to KC Ready 4s Experiential Report, our take on a non-Annual Report report. We are excited to share these three videos with you, each depicting a piece of our work over the 2020-2021 program year. Enjoy the vulnerability, sincerity, and joy throughout.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated in the filming, the YMCA Maple Street Early Learning Center and Pathfinder Kids for allowing us to film on site, and the team at Maestro for these beautiful videos.

Production donated by Maestro.

A Note from Namita Sharma (Board President) & Kristyn Buhl-Lepisto (Executive Director)

Since the pandemic began, we’ve all adapted to new things such as masks, Zoom calls, and digital menus. KC Ready 4s has adapted too. And since the world has relied on technology to communicate, we are excited to bring you our annual report as 3 stories of impact via video – we hope you enjoy it! We couldn’t do this work without your support.