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We know that it

Takes all of us

Every year, we spend over $1 million on tuition assistance and high-quality programing. Nearly 80% of your donation goes straight into the classroom.

Real stories. Real families.

The Pham Family

With their child receiving a scholarship through KC Ready 4s, the Pham family finally felt at home. Their daughter learned English along with social and emotional skills, they met a local family that became close friends, and mom could focus on her studies.  “It was a miracle for our family.”

Dominque’s Story

With some early behavior issues, Dominque’s teachers recognized that they wouldn’t be able to help her become successful on their own. And so with the help of a Behavior Specialist, and a whole ‘team’ around her, Dominque knew that no one was going to give up on her.

The difference you make

Our program reach extends far beyond the families that benefit from tuition assistance. The mentorship, professional development, and whole child support offered to every one of our 50+ partner programs benefits all children in those classrooms.


Spent on tuition assistance and high-quality supports


Classrooms supported


Families engaged


Professional Development hours facilitated

Where your dollar goes

A gift of $150 provides a 4-year-old with a one-week KC Ready 4s’ learning experience. For just $30 a month, or $1 per day, you can provide a one-day KC Ready 4s learning experience for a child.

Our programs exist because of the generous donors that support access to early childhood education for every 3 and 4-year-old in Kalamazoo County.



High-Quality Supports






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